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Online PVA (Phone Verified Accounts) are accounts that require users to verify their identity using a phone number. These accounts are often required by social media platforms, email services, and other online services to prevent spam and fake accounts.

To create a PVA account, users must provide a valid phone number during the registration process. The service will then send a verification code to the provided phone number, which the user must enter on the registration page to verify their identity.

PVA accounts are typically considered more secure and trusted than non-verified accounts, as they provide an extra layer of identity verification. They are also often required for certain activities, such as posting on social media platforms or sending emails.

However, some online services and platforms do not allow users to create PVA accounts using virtual phone numbers or temporary numbers, as they are considered less reliable and secure. It’s important for users to carefully read the terms of service for each service or platform to understand the requirements for creating and using PVA accounts.


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Business data is evolving, and compliance and quality are crucial. Information about interactions between businesses is referred to as B2B data. In account-based marketing and sales prospecting, for example, it is primarily used by marketing and sales teams.

Purchasing a database for marketing is a simple approach to expand your list of potential customers. You may access a source of rich, thorough data from the proper provider without having to perform all the searching yourself.

Simply said, spending a lot of time browsing the web is required to learn what you need to know about potential customers. You can skip the research stage and still acquire the data you need to support your marketing effort by purchasing B2B data. There is no advantage to discovering the information on your own if you end up with correct, current information, either way. 

Need Phone Buy USA B2B data Service 

B2B and B2C data is gaining quite the traction as lead creation and prospecting help businesses and marketers advance more quickly. Although, majority will likely respond that there are no short cuts when it comes to creating your own database of contacts and potential customers from scratch. 

But what if you could Buy verified B2B data Service from a reliable service provider?

Over the years, GVEShop has established a reputation for offering industry-best B2B data to our clients. Our team of experts work round the clock to curate the top, legal data from a variety of USA sources, making sure you get great returns on your investment. GVEShop has the mission to be the top data broker, and nobody else has access to the same marketing data that we do.

We collaborate with our clients to comprehend your target market, consumer profile, campaign objectives, and timeframes. As opposed to being a generic product, the B2B data lists have been sourced specifically to meet any business needs. Your prospecting process is streamlined, saving you time and money.

Cut down on the research time in half and move faster to the pitching and selling stages by purchasing a B2B data list. If you need USA B2B data Service for your company and marketing need, then Buy USA B2B data Service only from GVEShop. Want to make the most out of USA B2B, then check out our other services, you can Buy USA Bank account holder data, Buy USA Crypto trader data, Buy USA Officer data, Buy USA Home builders & contractors data, Buy USA Investors data, Buy USA Home owners data, Buy USA real estate data and so much more at affordable prices. 


Frequently Asked Questions


1. Where To Buy USA B2B data Accounts?

GVESHOP’s main objectives are to provide our B2B clients with USA B2B data Service that are 100 percent authentic, a dependable and efficient delivery system, top-notch service that is guaranteed, and 24-hour customer support. If you want an infinite number of premium USA B2B data Service at the lowest price, take a look at our special bundle. At GVEShop, a team of professionals works round-the-clock to provide quick tailored packages that are especially suited to the requirements of any business. If you need USA B2B data Service for your company, then Buy USA B2B data Service only from GVEShop.

2. Is GVEShop a dependable source for getting verified USA B2B data Service?

GVESHOP offers verified USA B2B data Service in an effort to satisfy all business and professional requirements. To meet the demands of each of our business customers, the team of professionals at GVEShop dedicated their time and skills to managing USA B2B data Service. Receiving verified premium PVA accounts with a 100 percent service guarantee is a given. Click “ Buy USA B2B data Service ” to begin placing your order if you want to purchase B2B data Service from GVEShop!

3. Why is GVEShop the best place for your company to get USA B2B data Service?

If you want real B2B data Service that will benefit your business, GVESHOP is the best location to buy them. It is possible to curate these accounts so that they can be used right away after purchase. As soon as the payment process is over, you’ll have quick access to your accounts. To get started, pick one of our B2B data Service packages, Save more on time and money, Buy USA Bank account holder data from GVEShop!


4. Does GVEShop provide any options for customized pricing?

If you’re seeking for a service provider that provides B2C as well as B2B data at reasonable price range, choose from our choices that most closely suits the needs of your business. Depending on your demands, you can place your order and click on Buy USA Home builders & contractors data as well as other B2B data services from GVEShop for the lowest price to get the market exposure your internet business need while saving money.


5. Does GVEShop provide any form of customer service?

GVEShop values its clients and works hard to provide them with top-notch services. Our team of professionals is dedicated to providing the best service conceivable to each and every one of our clients. If you purchase services from us and encounter any technical issues, our support team will be able to assist you right away. You can contact us by using our live chat feature, which is open 24/7.


6. How can I be certain the B2B data services I buy are reliable?

Each GVEShop account you purchase from us will be genuine and validated because it was made using only verified names and phone numbers. Every single one of these services is from a confirmed account user, we promise. Because all of our information, including the B2B and B2C data services you buy from GVEShop, is secure for use for any professional reason, you won’t need to worry when purchasing or utilizing from us. Save more on your next purchase, Get USA B2B data for sale or Get USA B2C data for sale only from GVEShop!


7. Can I purchase a large number of USA B2C data services for my company?

GVESHOP is the best website to purchase many verified USA B2B data services from if you’re looking for a dependable service provider. When buying bulk USA B2B data services, you may perform extensive marketing campaigns, sales promotions, and contact a huge number of clients from all over the world without spending a lot of money or time. To acquire the cheapest pricing and enhance the management of your company’s communications, place an order right away from GVESHOP. Want to Get USA B2B data services on Sale at affordable price, then contact GVEShop right away!


8. What makes GVEShop a credible B2B data service provider?

GVESHOP is the greatest choice when it comes to providing customers with USA B2B data services that are 100 percent authentic, a simple and dependable delivery method, exceptional service quality, and round-the-clock customer assistance. If you want quick access to a ton of affordable, high-quality B2B and B2C data profiles, take a look at our special service bundle. Once you choose the appropriate package and deliver it on time, our knowledgeable staff will put together the bundle that best matches your needs as an individual and as a corporation.

9. How can I confirm that the data offered by GVEShop are authentic?

Genuine USA B2B data services that connect your company to real people are something that GVESHOP strives to offer to each and every one of its customers. We condemn the creation of the data using fictitious methods. You may be confident that these profiles were created from genuine, active accounts, each with a unique IP address, and that they are 100 percent phone confirmed data profiles. Place your order right immediately if you want to take advantage of our lowest pricing on genuine USA B2B data services.


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